NEST+m GreenLab
Lower East Side
New York, NY
2012-ongoing (in Schematic Design)

The NEST+m greenLab is a greenhouse and science lab on the roof of NEST+m, a K-12 gifted and talented public school in lower Manhattan. The project was commissioned by the school’s PTA to provide a facility for students to learn through inquiry, about plants, food systems, ecology and the science of sustainable cities. The proposed structure is a 2500 sqft steel gridshell clad in inflated ETFE pillows, making it lightweight, optimized for solar irradiation and insulated for all season use. We are proposing it be a Net Zero project, employing photovoltaic panels, evaporative cooling, natural ventilation, rainwater harvesting and other systems. A range of plant growing facilities will be provided for, including aquaponic grow beds and fish tanks, NFT grow beds, and vine crop systems. Support systems will include composting, worm cultivation, pest control and a climate monitoring station. The project is currently in Schematic Design and is expected to be open to students by the fall term of 2014.